March 2022 - August 2023

Cybersecurity Diploma; UCI An intensive 24-week Cybersecurity Bootcamp with a multidisciplinary approach to information security

March 2021 - October 2021
OSED EXP-301; Offensive Security


Malware Analysis: Stealc Conducted in-depth analysis of the new and actively promoted Stealer malware known as “Stealc,” which is being widely advertised in cybercrime forums.

Fuzzing NFTables Utilized the AFL++ binary fuzzing platform to uncover a stack overflow vulnerability in the table data handling of nftables 1.0.4. This vulnerability was promptly triaged, reported, and subsequently patched in the subsequent version 1.0.5.

Programming Languages

Perl : Utilized Perl to develop software that aided in efficient malware categorization. Gained a strong understanding of regex for string matching and manipulation.

C : Developed binary analysis tooling, network and eBPF programs. Deep understanding of the language, able to conduct in-depth source code review.

Python : Used with libraries like pwntools to develop exploits for vulnerabilities found in software and to also aid in the solving of CTF challenges.

Reverse Engineering : gdb w/ gef, ghidra, x64dbg, 010, CFF, pe-bear, dnspy
Intel : MISP, Cortex w/ Hive, Maltego, Spiderfoot
Forensics : Wireshark, Volatility

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As an autodidact security researcher, I have a growing interest in reverse engineering, criticizing malware, Linux security, breaking hardware, and network wizardry